Friday, July 07, 2006

Sea Stuff 

Gill, Martin and Caelan visited yesterday and we went to the beach. Caelan went swimming but the currents looked a bit strong for a wuss like me and I didn't think rolling around where the waves break would make my day. Gill discovered a rubbery sea thing but we're not sure what it is.

Round, rubbery sea life, brown with black markings on hand

Then she found some cool sea weed. You can tell from the photo that we're at the beach as the sun's going down.

Orange red seaweed held in sun against beach and vegetation

Cal said that the rubbery seathing could just have been someones ball that they lost at the beach!
I think it looks cool though. What sort of temp was it to go swimming or to even think about going swimming!!
Catch ya - Cal wishes to go back to the ABC site.
Heya Megs, Hi Cal!

The sea thing's quite small for a ball, but who knows? According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the temperature in Perth at 3pm yesterday was 21.7 degrees, so I guess it was a little cooler than that. I went for a swim at the pool again today, the weather's sunny. I noticed a note (after I'd showered) stuck to the shower cubicles reminding us that Perth's experiencing drought-like weather and asking us to have shorter showers. I'm working on it. :-( Hope Cal had fun at the ABC site!
Last time I went swimming in the ocean (in Feb I think it was) I kept getting distracted and ended up constantly diving for stuff. The bottom of the pool is so uninteresting in comparison =).
Hi Skribe, I'm surprised by how much there is to see down at the beach. I grew up in Busselton and I don't associated the beach with finding more than shells and the reddy-brown seaweed like shredded paper. Just clean, rippled sand underfoot and stingers. :-) I think I just liked to feel buoyant, which is probably why I didn't learn to swim very well - far too easily contented for my own good. So now I'm going to the pool and actually working at it a little but I hope to go for a swim at the beach when it's warm enough. :-)
When we went in Feb there was whiting swimming in close to the crowded beach. They kept distracting me while I was doing freestyle. In the end I kept diving down trying to touch their tails. They were amazingly tame. Dangerously so. Especially if I'd been hungry =).
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