Friday, July 28, 2006

Serris Wheel 

After eight years with the same internet service provider, I'm making a shift. Only the sales staff misheard me and they've given my surname (and therefore part of my username) an S instead of an F. I even said 'F for Freddy' to the first sales person but I had to call back with my BSB and the second person took my details again.

I know the name mix-up happens to other family members, even to people who aren't related but who have the same surname, so it's not just me. But I'm sure there aren't people out there explaining that it's Flanagan, not Slanagan, or Smith and not Fmith.

I tried to login three times with my new account before I checked my 'toolbox' and discovered the mistake. I thought maybe I'd mistyped the password, or that my username might be case-sensitive, but in the back of my mind I knew it was that Serris woman come to bite me on the bum. Why do they ask for the number from some photographic ID that they can't see? Actually, that's pretty lucky because the photo ID number I gave them is from an out of date card. But I'm fixing that and I really am me and I really will pay the bills.

Or maybe now's the time for a slight change of identity? Is it too much to hope for a better pretend name?

After that, only try to change your photo ID if you are feeling STRONG.

I can just imagine the exchange:
"Is this a photo of you?".
"But it says on the back it's of someone called Ferris".
"Well on this form where I've just taken down your details, it says Serris".
"Yes it does. It's wrong".
"Do you have any photo ID to prove that?"
Hi Sirexkat,

Lol, I think I'll wait until they ask. But first I need to get a passport-sized photo and a money order to organise the new non-Driver's Licence ID (which, by the way, is totally legitimate and for those of us who don't drive!). I called the ISP support number this morning and now I'm logged on for the first time. Yay! I'm so glad it wasn't too hard to sort!
Hi Dee Marie,
Just caught up with your blogs - as always I love them all and most of all they make me smile. Mum.
Hi Mum, I won't need to e-mail anymore! Lol. I'm glad you left a comment. :-) Catchya soon.
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