Monday, July 03, 2006

Tim Tams and a Walk to the Port 

For Judith's visit, I bought double-coated Tim Tams, just like I did for Scott's visit. Only Judith opted for a Ginger Nut instead. That's a whole packet of Tim Tams for me - unlesss someone pops round very early and eats the last one. I can say, Gee, don't they go quickly? but I can't say, Gee, I wonder where they all go?. Double-coated are the go.

Judith and I walked down to the beach and back yesterday but today I went further. All the way to Port Beach. I'd forgotten how much I like the sound of trucks until I headed up to the road and towards the railway. I took a photo of the railway bridge over Tydeman Road because I've only ever looked down from the trains to the Railway Hotel here.

Looking up at two metal train bridges against blue sky

When I reached Queen Victoria Road, I considered walking to North Fremantle station. Yeah, but who wants to say they almost walked somewhere? Queen Victoria Bridge felt close, so I ignored the fading light and headed towards Freo. My photos of the railway bridge across the Swan didn't turn out so good but here's one anyway. I think it'll give you an idea of why my walk felt worth it.

Harbour lights, railway bridge, long yellow light reflecting in water

There are bus stops just the other side of the bridge, but rather than wait twelve whole minutes I decided to walk into town and catch a train home. The best walk I've had in ages. I felt confined stepping onto the train, which isn't usual for me, and felt like I'd given up control of my travels to sit in a stale carriage.

So I might walk into Freo again someday. Maybe after another visit from someone who doesn't eat Tim Tams?

Nice pics :) And good on ya for taking the walk - essential after double-coated Tim Tams, I reckon! :)
Hi CW, I was so not into feeling guilty about the Tim Tams but I think I might have felt a bit over myself if I'd eaten them all and stayed at home. :-) Glad you like the pics. :-)
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