Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Book Sale To Save Children 

Gill and I talked about maybe going to the book sale at UWA this weekend. The sale supports the Save the Children Fund. I'm not sure if we're seriously considering going or whether mostly we just wanted to go oh my God, it's open at 6 A M on Saturday!? and then to go, and ABC Radio are doing a live broadcast... from a book sale!?. The sale starts on Friday night but maybe it'll do me good to rock up early Saturday - I wonder if I can get some breakfast?
Ooo how tempting! Last time I went to one of these sales I bought way too many books...
I went to that sale once with my father-in-law. We lined up for a long time in miserable conditions and then squeezed in amonst all the other book buyers.

I wouldn't mind doing it again but I'm likely to be working at the radio station for our annual Radiothon. (Our studios will be open for tours this Saturday and Sunday afternoons.)
Hi CW,

Yes, it sounds way too tempting. Lucky I can only buy as many books as will fit in my backpack!

Hi Rodney, The sale is on until Wednesday at 4pm and open until 6.30pm on Monday and Tuesday, so there might be time to squeeze in a visit if you're keen. I hope the Radiothon goes well and that people enjoy checking out where you work!
Hi Dee, had to have a laugh! I'm not so sure that getting a free breakfast is what this is about!! :-)

LOL, i didn't say I wanted a free breakfast, just some breakfast! I was even thinking maybe like a fundraising sausage in a bun type breakfast and some coffee. :-) I am so underestimated. lol
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