Monday, August 28, 2006


I love live performances. Gill, Martin and I went along to see Broad at the Octagon on Saturday night and it was the best kind of live performance, hiccups included. The show starred, from left-to-right on stage, Ella Hooper (from Killing Heidi), Deborah Conway, Kate Miller-Heidke, country singer Melinda Schneider and Mia Dyson.

They opened with a Seekers tune and finished with the Travelling Wilburys' 'End of the Line' - songs written for five singers. For the encore they sang Talking Heads' 'Road to Nowhere', with opera-trained Kate Miller-Heidke vocalising one of the instrumental parts.

For the first half the musicians took turns to sing their own songs, with the others backing. For the second half a guy on the keyboards, a drummer and a double bass player joined them. Ella Hooper can rock from stage left, sitting down in a venue that doubles as a lecture theatre.

Deborah Conway, who experienced more sound hassles than is fair, asked the others about their songwriting. Melinda Schneider wrote sixty songs in a year after her divorce. She sang 'It Takes Balls to Be A Woman.' Most incongruous moment: seeing Ella Hooper singing and playing along to it. And she did play along.

Hearing such strong voices, particularly Mia Dyson's deep bluesy stuff - that's what I love about a live performance. I can't imagine that it's ordinary.

Wow. That would have been a magnificent performance. Such a strange, yet wonderful, grouping of performers.
Ohhh, glad to hear you loved it! I've only seen Mia Dyson live (at the Bridgetown Blues and Freo Blues and Roots), I can imagine this was great!

I read about all these great shows going on in Perth now with me doing the blog, but I can't go to many of them, I'd be broke!

P.s. thanks for writing about the book sale, I added it to the calendar :)
Hi Rodney, Hi Simone!

I'm glad I read about it on the net and suggested to my friends that we go along. I'm with you Simone - it's really hard to read about all the stuff that's happening and know that I can't go along. That's why it's so good to see five performers at once and have it work!
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