Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Climbed a Hill, Saw The Sea 

The weather left me no choice but to go for a walk today. After visiting Tom Collins House when I first came to the city, today I thought I'd see what else is about at Allen Park. Bush tracks lead up to Melon Hill, where a plaque marks the place of former defence batteries. From here I could look down to the ocean, over bushland and a small housing estate.

Dark bush, rooves, downhill to sea, blue sky

I thought I'd walk to the water through the estate, but Seaward Village, which includes many Defence Housing Authority homes, has no direct access to the beach because of unexploded bombs.

So I wandered some more and thought how my walks are a lot like Sunday drives, only if I come to a dead-end I can perhaps use a walkway but if I follow my nose in the wrong direction I can be gone for a very long time. Luckily my nose knows how far my feet are willing to walk.

its ezza n rod !! we wrote you an email at the netscape address but im unsure if its still in use? so hopefully u will get this ! its good to keep an eye on what your doing even if you are doing marathon walks! rod and i have just been to lunch at the pub and then to the tab for some footy betting and then we went to the art gallery and now were at the library? how i got rod to the last 2 places i will never no! heehe
love ya heaps dee!!!
love us xoxoxox
Heya Ezza! Hi Rod!

Wow, sounds like you've had a full on perfect day. Hope you tipped the right team! :-)

Love and Channel Markers,
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