Monday, August 07, 2006

Crustaceans and Collectables 

We saw baby crabs feeding on Saturday. They sat on the rocks of the groyne at Cottesloe, on the reef side. When told to have a look, I didn't hold much hope of being able to see them. The black ones remained invisible but a little yellow crab suddenly appeared in my field of vision and Oh my God! There's a little crab! His pincers grabbed food and he ate non-stop. Left, right, left, right. Yom, yom, yom, yom, yom.

On Sunday I went to the Golden West Antique and Collectors Fair. The Western Australian RP Foundation runs the fairs to raise money for research and this is the first time I've gone along. They're held at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal and I think this is the first time I've entered the building. I walked along the cement verandah of the Wool Stores, crossed to a pub I've known as the Harbourside but which is now the Flag and Whistle (closed on a Sunday or closed for good?), then to Captain Munchies and over the footbridge to the terminal. I know a few people whose first visit to the passenger terminal was their first visit to Western Australia. Makes for a much better story than arriving by plane. The hall is on the second storey and huge windows look out over the harbour.

I didn't expect to enjoy wandering a hall full of pretty breakables. But the colours drew my attention, and the dainty flowers and the landscapes on china. Even the jewellery. After twelve years without earrings, I wanted my ears re-pierced and a necklace. I knelt down to look closer at painted cup, saucer and plate sets, stood back from big limp-lidded dolls and gently felt the weight and smooth surfaces of glassware. I saw some Carlton Ware too but didn't know which pieces Mum already has.

I didn't want to buy anything but I came away with a small vase made of amethyst glass. I think it's the idea of amethyst-coloured glass more than the actual glass that I liked. The woman who sold it to me said I needed some white freesias to place in it.

Twice this weekend I prepared to see nothing but took a look anyway. And this weekend, it paid off.

Keep looking Marie, you never know what you might find!!!
I emailed you the other day on your new address. Did it get to you? I havn't heard from you for awhile, hope everything is going okay. I have been feeling a little blue of late but have come through and feeling cheerful and ready to take on the world again!!
Luv Meg
Heya Megs,

My e-mail must have gone missing! I'm glad you're feeling a little cheerier now. If my e-mail doesn't arrive, I'll e-mail again soon.
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