Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dust and Coffee 

Shan and family are visiting tomorrow and I should clean up. I keep feeling the telly to see if it's dusty (it is) and reminding myself that I must dust it soon. Maybe if I keep feeling it, eventually I'll have felt off all the dust. I have way too much recycling but I haven't taken it out because I want to cut out the 'sensitive' information found on some of the papers. I needed more hanging files too, so today I headed out to Ikea to pick some up. I called into Oxfam for more Fair Trade coffee for my visitors on the way and came home to discover that I'm nearly out of Milo. Colombian coffee, kids? Ahh, should be fine.
Hi Dee - If you can wait until September perhaps I should bring a duster with me? I wouldn't worry on Shans behalf. Mum x
Don't worry Dee, our Director popped in the other day and he suggested that when we clean Schoutens carpets we do ours!! I don't think he meant it quite the way it came out, but I was still mortified! Not to mention the scribble on every wall in the house due to a certain grommet. James said he used to call it the two foot stripe,lol
Hope you are feeling better soon, look forward to seeing you in September.
Lol, Mum. Would you believe that I already have a duster? A fuzzy fluorescent green duster that you gave me.

Heya Megs, Maybe you should buy Rori some stencils and take her to Melbourne? Stencil art is big there and I'm sure there'd be space in an alley somewhere at about the two-foot mark. ;-)

I'm feeling better and I enjoyed Shan's visit. I don't think they looked at the top of the telly!
I am thinking in an alley in Melbourne at the two foot high mark would be pee stains!! Ewww!!!
Ewwww. That's disgusting. Maybe she'll have to be a little more bold and stencil on street frontage, or maybe that'll teach her not to draw anywhere that takes her fancy!
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