Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fruit Plate 

Today I went to buy a fruit bowl. I didn't need anything fancy, just something to keep my fruit from mouldering into the benchtop. So I headed off to one of those cheapy shops that sell craft supplies and homeware.

I didn't find a fruit bowl, but I did find a dish labelled 'Melamine dinner plate $2' and that could fit a lot of fruit. You'd have to be eating a lot of dinner (like a tin of Pal, some bread and a bone) to get your money's worth as a dinner plate with it. I liked the yellow daisies that ringed the inside edge, so I bought it.

At the counter, I accepted a plastic bag from the sales assistant lady. I explained that I'd look a bit silly carrying a plate onto the bus (yes, and it would be unwieldy - so plastic bag justified!). She agreed, we laughed and off I went.

At the bus stop a ute drove past and a male passenger yelled out so loudly I jumped. I must be wrong... it sounded like he said 'Nice Plate.'

So the bus comes along and I hop on. The driver said,

Did you buy a plate?

Surprised, I laughed and said,


To which he said,


Are whacking great $2 fruit bowl dinner plates more noteworthy than I thought? Is it National Plate Day? Imagine if I hadn't accepted a bag...

Update: By request (CW), I've taken a photo of the hidden-from-view $2 melamine plate that attracted so much notice. I took a photo on the day but it came out too dark and looked like a cheap plate. It still looks like a cheap plate but now it contains the orange given to me at the WA Giant Walk in Freo on Friday.

White dish, with two apples, a lemon, and an orange

That´s a nice story! :-) I sometimes wonder how this comes... was is you looking so happy and making people giving nice comments that way or were the people so happy themselves that they noticed you?
Either way - nice to have a day like that! :-)
I want to see what the Legendary Plate looks like!!! :)
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