Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Story in a Notebook 

I have a new notebook! I love notebooks, I carry them around everywhere and stash them in drawers. Sometimes I even take notes. I may as well wet my finger and write notes in the air as take them down in a paper notebook but my brain is reluctant to re-wire itself, preferring to swear at my uncompliant retinas instead. Sometimes, I think it kicks at them too, which probably doesn't help. I know it stamps its feet (they would be mine).

I do like to collect story ideas (my brain and I) and I try to copy my notes into NoteTab. Maybe I should have experimented with something like Treepad before now.

What's making me feel happy and notetakery again is Google Notebook. If you're not familiar with Google Notebook, it's used to save text, images and hyperlinks from the Web, as well as your own notes. You can have different sections in the notebook and start new notebooks - I may never stop in the notebook section of a newsagency ever again. Maybe just a quick fondle, but that's it.

A Google Notebook can be kept private or made public. I'm a curious sort, so I experimented with a search of the public notebooks for "retinitis pigmentosa."

I did find a notebook with information on RP. It contained notes on the controversial treatments available in Cuba and a file on how to get a child's passport.

Every notebook tells a story.

Ramesh Natarajan, I wish you and your family or friends good luck.

I confess. I have 15 "major" notebooks for such things as "shopping", "financial", "health""garden"...I use them to keep notes when I'm on the phone so they are all in one place, or if I need to go to meetings I'll take them along.

Then there's my journal. And the potential journals that I just couldn't pass up in the stationery shop...even though I don't need another.

Then there''s the notebooks I buy for the kids.

And the 20 school notebooks I bought in Officeworks because they were 5c each. And they must come in handy sometime.

Then there's those with no know provenence or purpose.

So, you're using the google notebook. Must check it out again. But..does it come in different shapes and colours and can it give me the illusion that my writing is really much more interesting than it actually is? That's the real function of a good notebook.
Thank you for the google-tip! That´s great, I check it out (so funny that the example takes "Shoes" as the title :-)... was it a woman preparing this presentation? Hehe...)
This is really great. At the moment I gather all the ideas for my Perth-trip in an e-mail here at work (I don´t have internet access from home) - but with google I can share it with my boyfriend at his home.
Thank you, you just eased my life! :-)
Hi Sirexkat,

I like the idea of having notebooks for all those different activities. However, I know if I did have fifteen notebooks, I'd take the gardening one to the supermarket and note my doctor's appointments in the one labelled 'Books I'd Like to Read.' Ooh, by the way, a foot clinic slid a shopping list pad into my mailbox recently (not sure of the connection between my feet and shopping except that I walk to the supermarket - ahh, perhaps they're into very direct marketing?), so I'm using that for my shopping... Maybe I'm on the road to differentiated notebooks already!

My ideas looke heaps better in Google Notebook but then anything in a standard font (ie, readable) makes me feel so much more organised and clear-thinking. I do think that handwritten notes look more like a direct expression of one's creativity - the position of words in relation to each other, tighter or looser cursive, light pencil or etched-in red pen - curlicues! Google Notebook's good for collecting ideas from the Web.

Hi Iris,

I'm so glad my post came in handy! I'm a big one for storing information in e-mails that are never quite ready to send, or which I have no intention of sending. I hope your trip's coming together. :-)
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