Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chicken With That 

After all that dancing, standing by wet streets and with no taxis to hail, I convinced Gill that I needed a kebab. A vegetarian kebab and some chips. We ordered but the guy didn't give us a ticket and he didn't ask for a name. While we waited we heard another customer ask about salt. The man behind the counter explained that if there wasn't any in front, it must have been stolen.


Yes, they do that sometimes, people [gesture] steal it.

What about serviettes? Or have people stolen those too?

Or something like that. We tried to contain our laughter and kept talking. Some of Gill's friends came in and we chatted to them. Another customer asked when his order would be ready, sat down and tapped his fingers on a chair.

The counter guy didn't call out the orders very loudly, as if it might be rude to yell. Much more civilised to address the punters at a conversational level. We stood close, I grabbed my vegeo kebab and our chips when announced, and we sat down.

Unwrap, unwrap. Wrong end? Fold, unwrap. Munch.

Gill, can you see in my kebab? Is that chicken?

Yeah, looks like chicken.

Thought so. Lucky I'm not vegetarian.

I think the vegetarian kebab came with two fried eggs.

Probably for the best I ended up with chicken because two eggs might not have been too good. While I ate, I overhead another customer ask about her missing meal.

You should call out louder. You should have a ticketing system.

Kinda funny how people are, even at 2am, after a show.

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