Monday, September 04, 2006

Erotica, Poetry and Publishing 

Got your attention? Great! But I'm not writing erotica or poetry or erotic poetry (There once was a svelte bloke from Perth? Who.. damn, only girth and mirth rhyme with Perth, and they're not sounding too erotic... ooh, Who went to the Forth of Firth, He let down his pants, did a bit of a dance, and was back in West Oz 'fore the birth? Scoundrel. That's not erotic. Or poetic. Because I'm not a poet.

However, I am a Webmistress type, and I have added a few more links to my writing links page. Firstly, I've included a link to Astrid Cooper's Realms Beyond. Astrid does write erotica, as well as speculative romantic fiction, and is based in South Australia.

I've added links to Australian publishers of children's books Black Dog Books and BlueCatBooks. BlueCatBooks is a small outfit based in Melbourne. I learnt about them through company director Leone Peguero at EditZone. Legacy Books is another small publisher, specialising in self-help, educational, and personal and organisational history books. Legacy don't pay advances and writers receive royalties on books sold after the first 50 are bought. The company also offers services to writers who want to self-publish.

On-line bookshops that sell self-published titles are opening up and I've listed two of them. Queensland's Earth Dog Books specialises in how-to books, as well as spoken word and music CDs/DVDs, while Perth-based Vanity Press distribute books that don't get a look-in at traditional book stores.

And the poetry? It's National Poetry Week and the WA Spring Poetry Festival is on now.

If you know of any other links for the writing links page, let me know. Any minute now I'll have a domain name and permanent home for this stuff. Recommendations for hosting is welcome too!

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