Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Deeds and Disclaimers 

In the middle of Gill's move, I waited for a bus on Hospital Ave and wondered at what life might be like should I be able to drive. A bus I didn't need pulled up and a woman alighting asked the driver if he knew where to find E Block. He didn't know, but told her to ask 'one of these people.' Suddenly I was more than a woman, I was people. And I stepped up to the challenge.

I knew the nearest entrance to be G Block and that friendly people with computers worked there. When we explained the situation, the woman behind the counter ordered the lady a chariot to take her on her way. I left the lady to wait but I'm disappointed I didn't get to see the chariot.

On Saturday (after buying a skirt for $50, marked down from $195 - yay me!), I got caught in the rain near a bus shelter just one stop away from my place. A 000 (out of service) bus pulled over and the driver took me that one stop, which was very much appreciated. Unless bus drivers aren't allowed to do that, in which case, I made this up.

Yesterday I walked down to the beach and passed a dog near a different bus stop. Just a little dog, with a tag but no leash or an owner. The dog didn't get skittish and so I picked him up and read his tag. He started to shake as we crossed the road and I explained that perhaps he could have picked a better-equipped human to help him home. Once he found a paw-hold in the front of my jeans, he settled down. At a local motel, I popped my head in to ask for their street number. I didn't step inside, so while I stood there with Small Dog in my arms the electronic door started to slide shut. I shifted, it opened and I worked out where we needed to go. Then I had to negotiate the footpath outside a local pub. Small Dog stayed calm despite the blokey noise, and we found his house okay.

We climbed the steps up to the house with confidence (I'm much better at up). I gave Small Dog to his owner (we'd travelled a full block out of our way to bring him back to within 80 metres, if we're lucky, of where he lives). I handed him back to his owner. Then I turned round and inched my way back down the steps, holding the handrails and willing myself a little depth perception. I thought about taking out my cane but, you know, that would have been a little freaky for the dog owner.

I think I'm an animal person now, except I forgot to see if Small Dog's tag gave his name. I hope he didn't enjoy his chaperoned adventure too much but I think we had a good time.

I don't know why Dee but your blog entry just made me cry. Not howl like a baby cry but big fat drops rolling down my face!!!
Your good deed was a lovely one and I am sure Small Dog enjoyed his ride home in the warmth of your embrace and the foothold in your jeans!!
Will see you soon. Take care of your self.
I hope the owner of Small Dog appreciated your good deed. I hope so. See you Wednesday. Mum.
Good grief. What'll happen next? Lol. Beach weather that day, so the warmth of my embrace didn't help the situation any, not that the dog seemed to mind. I think he would have either wandered back down the lane to his house had I not picked him up and carted him round looking for the street number, so the owner was happy enough.

Anyway, I hope you're both well. I'm starting to get excited about the wedding and seeing you all! Too roo for now,

Ah, what a very good deed!

How did I miss this post!?!
Hi Simone! Maybe you were busy? lol I didn't have a full feed then, so it's possible you didn't read the whole story because the part about Small Dog didn't show in the feed. I've fixed that now - wouldn't want readers to miss out on any of my Small Stories!
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