Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Herd 

The Herd played at the Rosemount Hotel on Saturday night, so Gillian and I went along. The support band came from Cowaramup and I think they called themselves Cow Town. Their lyrics probably appealed to younger, male members of the audience but by the end of their set I was dancing.

During both performances, I found it difficult to hear the vocals. Unexpected, given the emphasis on storytelling. If you didn't already know the stories, you missed out. The singing and choruses could be heard, including Jane Tyrell's vocals on 'Under Pressure.' Her singing often set the mood for a song and perhaps that counts more than words. I'm surprised how much I get into singing along to 'Reckless' even though I've never forgotten the night before ever.

The Herd mostly performed songs from their current and upcoming releases. I've bounced around the house to The Sun Never Sets often enough, so it felt good to dance along with lots of other people!

In the end, the dancing won out.

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