Thursday, September 21, 2006

Meet Up and Perth Blog Plans 

Slow start to Perth Blogger Meetup last night, not that me having a drink by myself on the balcony isn't way cool.

I caught up with Bret and Simone, met Chris/Grum (who says he has copies of every e-mail he has ever sent - like 14 years worth of sent messages) and AB from The Daily Magnet (who'd just come from a media-type talk on blogging), and chatted to Andrew from Interlogue (who knows an awful lot about politics, even Thai politics, and geography - did you know that Perth is shaped like a K? I bet it's a Special K and you can decide why.)

We discussed: Metroblogs (this one from Melbourne); the idea of having a blog covering Perth blog news; having another Perth Blog Awards Nite; why likeminded Perth people find it so hard to leave their homes and meet up; crashing other meet up groups (bloggers should do that, we blog); ASIO files (every blogger should have one); emos; Second Life (I said Bret was there!); and local media.

So, if you weren't there, see if you can make it next time!

A million times sorry. I was really hoping to be there. Unfortunately the school open night stayed open longer than I'd hoped. I'll certainly be trying to get there next time.
Hi Dee,

Great roundup post!
I REALLY need to get my 'personal' blog up and running so I can do posts like this too!

Yeah, was a small group this time, but really interesting conversations! And for once I managed to speak to everyone properly!
Hi Rodney,

No worries at all. Look forward to seeing you if you come along sometime. I'm not sure if I'll be around next month (!) but there are heaps of people with interesting stories who might be!

Hey Simone,

So THAT'S why I have a personal blog... I keep wondering why I haven't organised, you know, a serious blog with a domain name yet. :-) Great to see you!
Lol, yeah, everyone needs a blog where they can talk about everything and anything.
What it comes down to, is I need a proper blog, where I can get a bit more personal, ha ha!
AND, I need to get a bit more personal on EnjoyPerth, which will make it a bit more like a 'real' blog!
Oh, I'm starting to ramble again! I'm so terrible! I used to think I was shy in real life, but I ramble just as much at meetups! (though it helps I feel I already know everyone through their blogs!)
Cheers for the link Dee, it was great to do my biannual trek to the blogger meetup.

I think we should all more proactively promote the blogger meetups, so well done on the post. Righteous.
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