Monday, September 25, 2006


I'm trying to set up a Web site, one with a domain name - can't work out if I register the domain name first and then get hosting or the other way around, let alone who to have host my site and with whom to register a domain. I want it done by... let's see, by 1pm Wednesday.

At 1pm Wednesday my parents, sister and niece are coming to whisk me off down south to see my grandparents and then on to Esperance for another sister's wedding. Yay! A Wedding! Before they arrive I need to buy a) some Draino and b) a wedding present.

So far I've spent most of my shopping time looking for a dress to wear. Thursday I popped out for bread and milk and came back with the most expensive pair of bras I've ever bought (at half price!). I'm hoping a dress I already have will be fine. If only the bras matched.

At the beach today (after doing my handwashing, thank you) a woman whose first language wasn't English asked me how to spell 'octopus.' I need eight tentacles at the moment, and maybe eight spider eyes too.

Update: I didn't buy Drano (or Draino) but Actizyme pellets instead. They're supposed to 'help the environment.' They cost $16.99. I caught Rod Quantock say something on Denton tonight about being able to afford your principals. Yeah, hello.

Hi Dee, I think it depends. If you're buying hosting space with a provider that offers domain registration, then it's all a matter of giving them all the details and the domain registration is just part of the process. See Mooiness's posts on the subject: How-to: Domain name registration and blog hosting; and How to register a domain name for some info.

When sirexkat and I registered our domain our web host provided domain rego services so it was a simple process.

M on the other hand registered his domain first, then bought hosting space - but even that wasn't particularly difficult or timeconsuming.
Hi Dee,

This is the kind of stuff I was dealing with a few months ago, didn't know anything about hosting and domain names!!
Mooiness's posts are good!

I did mine at the same time, both through Digitalis, who have their own domain name registration service (ABC domains).
But, I'd actually reccommend getting a different domain name registrar, one that will keep your details private(though you've got a PO box now, so less important). Grum was recommending godaddy, wasn't he?

It all happens pretty quickly, so once you've decided you should be up and running in day or so!

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing what it'll be(the name, etc) :D


Hey Guys,

Thanks heaps for the feedback. Digitalis support tell me I need to register a domain name first, and after re-reading Mooiness's posts, I get that I can register a domain name, then get webhosting and associate the name with the hosts name servers. I think, lol. The warning not to get stuck with a host because they have control of my domain name's caused me to worry maybe more than I should, and I'm also wondering at how the prices involved change so much. GoDaddy is so cheap compared to others but I like the idea of going with Australian companies. As Matt pointed out, they should be above board (with the exception of the one mentioned at PerthNorg recently!). Phewww... I'll be onto it tonight. For now: Draino. :-)
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