Thursday, September 07, 2006


Tuh duh! After much fiddling, I have backlinks here and at RetGen. Now if anyone writes a post on their own blog about a post on my blog (Eg: Deanne over at Temporal Island blogged about walking to the shops. I disagree. Here's why...) then you can click on 'links to this post' and see who's gone to the trouble.

'Backlinks' to my posts are searched for by Google's Blog Search every time a visitor clicks the 'links to this post' link below the posts.

I saw the 'show/hide backlinks' option when I looked at my comments settings for Temporal Island recently. I decided not to follow through because I needed to mess with my designed-by-Dee and out-dated template. Why do I feel like I started blogging unfashionably early (but not so early I'm cool) whenever Blogger introduce a new feature? They say they love it when we tweak their code but it must be a pain in the rear.

Today I noticed the option again while looking at RetGen's settings. Predictably, it couldn't update my template automatically (because the template is old and somewhat, but not utterly, re-jigged). However, along with the bad news appeared some code and instructions (no genie), which I followed.

But they didn't work! When I clicked on 'links to this post', I received an error message saying Not found. Yes, I'd updated both blogs before I realised, I'm a dork.

If you have this problem yourself, the instructions and code for Backlinks tags at Blogger Help are correct. They do differ slightly from those I first copied from within Blogger's Dashboard and pasted into my templates.

Lucky I'm persistent. In no way am I a geek who gets excited when stuff finally works!

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