Saturday, October 21, 2006

Climbing Roses at Jerramungup 

Our trips to and from Esperance took us through the small Great Southern town of Jerramungup. Rori needed a play in the park - any park causes major excitement before you've had your second birthday. We ate lunch here on Sunday (thanks for the yummy rolls Megs!) on our drive home and we noticed these roses at the war memorial, like a crown on the rounded head of the conifer. Now I've looked at the pic again, the roses are more like hair than a crown!

I recently transfered a climbing rose to our front yard. It's an old one that was offered on Freecycle. It took ages to dig it out and now I'm applying some tender care to make sure it survives at our place.

By the look of your photo, if our rose does as well as I'm hoping I'll have to make sure it doesn't take over.
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