Thursday, October 26, 2006

Messing With Geography 

Pop took Nanna and I for a drive around Busselton on Sunday afternoon. We headed towards Layman Rd, east of Busselton, to see new land developments near the Vasse River and the estuary. We stopped to watch birds landing in paperbarks by a lake. The trees were loaded with birds, the scene idyllic in a scrubby kind of way. Fixed on the birds, I didn't notice the ugly heaps of sand and fences just east of the crowded birds' rest. The scenes didn't blend well. If you're in Busselton around late afternoon, check out the birds.

Orange plastic mesh barrier blocking access to beach and calm water

We drove around Port Geographe, a canal development, to where the beach is cordoned off with a single-stranded fence. Pop says a woman fell into the sand and weed deep enough that the council thought it best to warn other beachgoers. We drove around the Port Geographe Marina and stopped where a bulldozer and other earth-moving equipment were parked. From there we walked down a beach track, which heads towards the beach and then parallel to it, trying to find an open access. We came to at least three closed access ways before we walked around one and took this photo.

A woman walking her dog told us to ignore the signs and that it'll be good when the work is finished soon. The Port Geographe Action Group have photos of the site taken in 2004.

Stateline Western Australia reported earlier this month on troubles at the first WA canal development at South Yunderup ('Counting the cost of building canals', ABCTV, 6 October 2006).

In Tasmania there are plans to develop a canal system at Ralphs Bay. Save Ralphs Bay encourages people to take action against the development. Ralphs Bay is home to a unique and endangered species of fish, the spotted handfish. Stateline Tasmania reports the need for more research into the impact of a canal development on the handfish ('Ralphs Bay's impact on fish species 'needs more research'', ABCTV, 9 September 2006).

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