Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Someone left an anonymous comment on Sunday. It read:

Be VERY VERY careful and think twice about giving your valuable MSS to [INSERT NAME OF A WOMAN I CONSIDER TO BE AN ONLINE FRIEND - FIRSTNAME LASTNAME]. You will not be surprised to find she is plagiarising literary works!

Is it just me, or does that exclamation mark make the comment more like a hex?

The comment appeared with a post unrelated to Firstname Lastname, although it was blogged in the same month as a post which does mention Firstname Lastname. If you Google Firstname Lastname, the Temporal Island archive for that month currently ranks second.

My blog isn't widely read, and because the comment isn't attached to the relevant post, it's unlikely that it would ever have been read by a potential client of Firstname Lastname, even if that client had run a search and visited my archive. I've deleted the post anyway because I don't think it's right - either the content or the way it's been shared.

I'm mostly angry that someone's tried to use my blog to hurt someone else.

How would you react?

I'd remove their comment and pass on the details to your online friend so that they're aware that someone is trying to discredit them.

If the person who left the comment was brave enough to leave their details I'd send an email to their ISP to let them know that they are using their account to harm others.
Yep, I'm with Rodney!

Argh, how annoying, upsetting even!

And btw, what does MSS mean?
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