Friday, October 27, 2006

We'll Take You On 

At the first blind cricket training session, I wondered why we called it training - isn't this it? Who do we play? We play sighted teams.

OMG! I'm scared.

Sometimes we win, a fellow cricketer told me.

Is that because the ball's different? I asked, realising as I did how dubious I must sound about our cricketing abilities. Now that we've had a few practice sessions, we're a little more like the supercricketers I imagined. I don't suppose every team in WA is like the Warriors, let alone Australia, so my ideas about the cricketing skills of the average player are probably wide of the mark.

I missed our first match last Sunday, and we won. Sunday after next we'll play a team from Kulin, who come in to Perth to play us every second year. On alternate years, the blind cricket team goes to Kulin. For over thirty years they've also played a match in Busselton. There are a few gaps in our fixtures, so maybe we could do with a few more teams to play.

My bowling's improved, my batting's improved, my fielding's still hit and miss. On Tuesday I went to Jim Kidd at Harbourtown and bought myself a pair of sneakers, so I must be planning to stick with it. Until now I've run around in Blundstone boots. I'm a little scared of playing another team but I'm told for my first match I'll have a runner until I get the hang of it. Each team plays an innings each. Next week at training, we'll have a match against each other and perhaps that'll ease my nerves.

I still forget who can see what, and get confused when I need to throw the ball to someone - do I have their attention? Underarm? Or do they prefer overarm? If they miss it, is it my throwing?

Sledging practice started very successfully last week for some, but I think it'll take a while before I'm any good at it.

And the name of our team? The Venetians.

Mum thought that was pretty funny.

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