Saturday, October 21, 2006


I embarrassed myself yesterday. I didn't even know I'd embarrassed myself until afterwards, when I thought about it. As my vision deteriorates, my skin gets thicker (to save me having to spend all day at home by myself) but sometimes thick skin isn't enough. Sometimes you're a dill and you know it, regardless of the reasons, or the lack of reasons.

Today I caught up on some e-mail. The hot topic on the RPList is casino owner Steve Wynn's accidental tearing of Picasso's La Reve (The Dream). Almost all the comments are about how all other embarrassing RP moments are nothing compared to Wynn's.

The story, as recounted by screen writer Nora Ephron in her blog, is a good one. Not only did Wynn elbow a hole in the painting, but he'd just agreed to sell it - for 139 million dollars, a world record.

The story's attracted a lot of attention - there's an article in The New Yorker on Wynn and La Reve, at the BBC on Wynn and la Reve, and even in
China's Xinhua on Wynn and the 139 million dollar deal that (he) fell through. People with RP everywhere are feeling better about their own mishaps, because at least they didn't get reported as world news.

But what's great is that Wynn didn't get upset, at least not in public or with his guests. He even rocked up to dinner that night in a cheery mood.

So the message is, if you're going to be embarrassed, don't do it over some confusion at the Oxfam shop - rip a hole in your own Picasso. And if you own a Picasso, and you say it's no big deal, who's going to argue?

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