Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas Tree 

I bought myself a Christmas tree today and I'm all excited! Twenty bucks from Woolies - 95 centimetres of fibre optic tree! I don't think I've ever had a Chrissie tree before.

I was looking for a light globe and some face wash and, staring down at a Christmas tree box, I thought hey, 20 bucks, I could have a Christmas tree! Then I thought... you don't need it yet (just like I don't need to send out Christmas cards until, whoops, the day after Boxing Day). Then I thought, you should wait until you have a car, do what normal people do - you don't take Christmas trees on the bus. Yes you do! If you can carry it, you can take it on the bus.

I even looked at tinsel and bamboo Christmas boxes in red and green but I decided to delay that party till later. I don't know how I could use a Christmas box - it didn't have a lid, so maybe you just place Christmassy things in it and hope they get eaten.

I've even contemplated a wreath for my door! I'm going to be the Christmiest (if this weren't written down, you'd go with that - you pronounce that first 't' too) person around.

This year will be the best Christmas ever at the rate I'm going. I hope so, I'd love a good Christmas.

... and I just gave my christmas tree away, I´m kind of treeless now... I had it three years, but didn´t decorate it last year (or fetched it from the cellar at all). I just don´t know what to do with all the tinsel and stuff (it´s supposed to stand on my brothers´ business, outside...)

Well, have a lot of fun with your tree :-)
Hey Iris,

Wow, fancy that! I guess you can hang the tinsel up in your windows before you go? I'm not sure how much fun is to be had with a pretend tree but I'll try. :-)
Good idea, Deanne :-) And people will think I´m home and not break into my apartment and rob me completedly. Thank you :-)
Wow, I'm just bursting with Christmas ideas! lol
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