Thursday, November 23, 2006

Comedy Cop Out - A Meme 

I'm too zonked to focus my sun-weary eyes on a blog post, so I'm doing a comedy meme I found at CW's instead.

Which five comedies would you take with you to a desert island? In no particular order:

  • The Book Group

  • The Big Gig

  • The Young Ones (especially the Boring episode - I could imagine I'm just missing out on what's around the corner on my desert island).

  • The Blues Brothers

  • A Stephanie Plum Mystery by Janet Evanovich

I've kinda stuck the Book Group in because it's such a favourite, but I think I'd need something a bit less subtle if really stuck on a desert island. If I was stuck on a desert island, I'd probably just make a lot of jokes about being stuck on a desert island and how crap I am at surviving. I'd maybe spend some time trying to get home or gather/hunt food too. I'd go for a swim, explore, think about how lucky I am to be on an island while everyone else is at work or stuck in Woolies listening to 'Woolworth's the Fresh Food People.'

How about you? What comedy favourites would you want on a desert island that came complete with telly/DVD but no satellite phone?

How could I forget The Young Ones??
This was a deceptively tough meme, I thought.
Lol, I think it's a curly one too - I felt sure there must be Australian comedy I missed, or more recent stuff that's made me laugh, but then I figured maybe it's like a personality test and it's best not to think too much before answering. :-)
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