Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dee is for Delta 

Did I read the papers to find out who was racing? No. Did I walk into the TAB in Fremantle to place a bet on the Melbourne Cup anyway? Yes, I did.

I knew I'd waste the friendly TAB guy's time if I tried to read many of the horse names. Lucky I saw Delta Blues name first. I thought, I like 'Delta Dawn' and I like the idea of a river with a delta, and Delta Goodrem shouldn't influence my chances, and delta is the greek letter for Dee.

So I said I'd bet for Delta Blues and I think the guy may have looked at me funny. I wondered to myself if the horse was foreign (yep, Japanese), or if the odds were long (yep, 17-1) but figured it didn't matter. I only place a bet to be in it, not so much to win.

But hey, isn't it great when you do? And the odds are big enough that your bet of $5 for a win / $5 for a place actually gives you enough money that you can... let's see, go out/buy clothes on sale/replace some of the make-up you lost in Esperance/make up for the years you didn't win?

Go Delta Blues!

Yay for you and your love of river inlet thingys.

I had a dollar on Tawqeet in the work sweep and that was about it. (Stoopid lazy horse)
Congratulations! It's always nice to win :)
Congrats Dee, ha ha!

I put $2 in the office sweep, and one of the horses was PopRock, so I won $14 because it came second, woohoo! :D
Heya Col, You're lucky you only lost a dollar!

Thanks CW, it is nice every once in a while. :-)

Hi Simone - way to go with your $14 win! Such a close finish. :-)
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