Monday, November 27, 2006

The Good About Now 

I didn't expect it to be so hot. I know Perth, but I've never stayed here for a whole summer. And it's not even summer yet! Rather than whinge about the heat and the light, here are the good vibe happening lately:

  • Swish - we're now in St Lukes Anglican Church Hall in Maylands and play under high ceilings, on timber floors and in natural light filtered through stained glass windows. When the ball flies off the south end of the table, we have to retrieve it from the op shop.

  • Stone fruit - cherries have halved in cost since I first spotted them, so I bought some today. I'm also eating apricots, plums, strawberries and pineapple. I even bought a section of watermelon today.

  • Salads - I keep coming home hungry and start eating raw capsicum before I start dinner. I think this means salads will be the go.

  • Sun Tan! - Mum recommended (via one of my sisters) Johnson's Holiday Skin, which is very handy because without it I can't look at my own bare legs in the sun without half-closing my eyes (I'm not joking!). Then yesterday I noticed that my arms have tanned a little all by themselves, which is better than them burning all by themselves.

  • Shorts and my little black hemp skirt

  • Walking at night - always a pleasure but so good when it feels warm and people's houses aren't so closed up.

  • Writers group - the three other members seem nice and supportive and unafraid to comment or receive feedback. I now have two members' business cards. I always think a business card would be a bit over the top for me, but then if they're being exchanged at a writers group, maybe I should get over it and have some printed.

  • A G & T with lime at Gill's

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