Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Here I Am [Not] 

Col thanked me for my small donation to his Movember by giving me a moustache. The first time my face appears on the net and it's my face from... ooh, maybe twelve years ago? ... and it now has facial hair. Excellent.

So I finally took out my camera and tried to take a photo of the 34-year-old me, so that I can be a more open, approachable, less moustachio-ed blogger that I am already, and finally show my face.

I was kinda okay with the photo taking, until I saw it enlarged and realised I was right to think that if I screwed up my face in the sun enough, it'd get a bit crinkly. Photoshop suddenly makes all the sense in the world!

So here I am. About, ooh, eight years after friends first asked for a photo of me in IRC. All I've shared to date is a blurry photo taken al fresco in Melbourne's Brighton, in which I'm wearing a straw hat and which caused comparisons with Janis Joplin.

So here I am, friendly but perhaps a little anxious, smiling despite the crinkles, darker than in real life.

[Okay, stop. No. I looked at the post, the formatting was all screwed up and I look tense. Later.]

Thanks, Col. I'll work on it.

Work on growing a mo? Probably best not to (but that's just me).

I'm sure any current photo you put up will be just gorgeous - speaking as someone who's now posted pics every day for a month, I found that holding the camera slightly above forehead level and looking up into it worked ok.

(And speaking as someone who has taken a pic of themselves every day for a month - it's a weird experience)

Glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane (I think you did a little :)
Oh good grief, I won't be working on a moustache. :-) I've worked out that taking it from slightly above is good - but the first lot of photos came out too dark and in the second lot I looked decidedly less than natural. But I am encouraged! And mostly I liked that I was wearing that bright pink dress in the mo pic! Cheers, Dee
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