Thursday, November 16, 2006

Perth for Iris 

Iris is a regular reader of Perth blogs, even though she lives in Germany. That's because she'll be visiting Perth next month. Iris asks what to do in Perth?

I've responded with my longest comment ever but I haven't visited many of the attractions she's considering. [Inaudible mumbling about Rottnest... something about never having visited in my 34 years as a sandgroper?]

If you were visiting WA (not for the first time) from Germany, what would you enjoy doing?

Good lord Dee - Rottnest Island is ace. (Or at least that's how I remember it from 20 odd years ago). Sounds like the perfect opportunity for you to head over and keep Iris company.

They've got quokkas, need I say any more :)
Your list for Iris is certainly comprehensive.

It'd be great for us to all catch up while Iris is here.
Heya Col, I've been meaning to go! Iris will have company in her partner Ingo, and I think I'll save Rottnest for when I need an escape from the city sometime soon.

Hi Rodney, I think a get together with Iris and any other bloggers she knows would be great. Hmm, maybe I went a bit overboard with my list comments? lol, I'd say it comes from working in a caravan park but I think I'd do this anyway.
Wow! Thank you for this post, Deanne! Man. For me it´s just 07:30 in the morning (and I´m supposed to be working...)

Col, I didn´t know your blog before, but I´ll catch up :-)

Rodney, i just e-mailed you - before I read in here... (early morning for me!)

Deanne, Ingo is company, but it´ll be great to have you (all) with us!

I don´t know too many Perth-Bloggers yet. From you two (three) it´s also Karen Cheng, the two sitting ducks, Diversionary Daily (or hilarity 100, how they are called for the travel-time being), Natalija from Natalija creates and Krissy from tooaskew - and I think not all of them are aware that I read their blogs. But maybe, if we manage to be at the blogger meetup, I will see you all.

I´ll ceck in again and hope to make a more detailed plan this weekend - and I´ll have internet access from the Kingsway Tourist Park as well (Deanne, you worked there, too? I´ve been there before, it´s a great place - the entrance-sign those days said, "a place we call home")
Thanks for the question. You've got most of the biggies, so here's some less well known spots.

Eating comes to mind I'm afraid...

Make some time to just sit in a cafe on Fremantle's Cappucino Strip(South Terrace)..just to people watch. Maybe after a visit to the new or old Maritime Museum.

If you have "good" clothes with you and can afford $30 for "High Tea" check out the "C" revolving restaurant, 2 - 5 most days of the week. A posh feast while you do a circuit over the city in the space of an hour.

Live/folk/roots/ethnic etc music - Kulcha in Fremantle or "Fly by Night Club".

Stroll around the Nedlands foreshore and UWA gardens.

Play Botanic Golf in Wanneroo..or have a camel ride at Cameleer.

Did you list the Kings Park Treetop walk? - even better go down to the Tinglewood.
Hi Kathryn,

I've never heard of Botanic Golf and now I'm intrigued! The camel rides sound like fun and I've never taken High Tea (or anything else) at the revolving restaurant. I guess there are good views? These are all great suggestions! I am taking notes for me now... :-)
Ooops, meant to also let Iris know that I haven't worked at Kingsway, but I did work at a caravan park down south in a town called Augusta. I've climbed the Leeuwin Lighthouse and visited Jewel Cave a few times each. :-)
Kathryn, thank you for the tipps! Well, yes, I do have the treetop walk on my list - though I´m afraid of heights more and more every year. I´ll have to work a better list out this weekend, thank you all for your help :-)

Deanne, I´ve been in Port Augusta, but I guess you mean someplace else. Jewel Cave sounds fabulous!
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