Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Time For Blogging 

It took me twenty minutes to make an online payment today, and half an hour to look for updates, download updates, install updates, note that one installation failed, click to find out more, have Firefox open and be told I need to use IE, to then upload my Symantec log files and then to be told 'thanks for helping us to improve our product.' Norton, you suck. I didn't pay $94 to help you improve your product!

Whinge, whinge.

So I'm still a blogger but technology's not on my side enough of the time.

Heya stranger - the machine getting you down a little huh? :)

Nothing worse than when one techo problem leads to another and then to another...

(And yes, Nortons does suck)

Glad to hear things are generally going well though, liking the blind cricket stories particularly.

I've started yet another new blog - this one in honour of Movember. After a bit of fiddling about, I figured that you can find it at here

Check it out for the saga of my new facial hair and at least one bad mo' pun per day.

love and Boony

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