Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Upset, Laughing and Banned 

I got upset today about almost nothing. I went to get business cards and stupidly thought they make suggestions. No. I have to pick a colour and ask for help because my colour discrimination isn't very discriminating. Then I'm handed a folder of fonts to peruse. Instead of saying oh, I'm actually legally blind (because, let's face it, I don't look it, I'm not total and he might think he can sell me blank cards and I won't know), I tell him my 'vision's pretty shot - this could take a while.' Yep, sometimes I hate to admit it.

The stupid thing is, I had a colour in mind and a font. How hard can it be? I came prepared -ish. So I chose a colour, chose a font and left, soon hoping I can call tomorrow and cancel the proof because I think it's going to look pretty bloody awful.

To cheer myself up I stayed on the bus past my stop (actually, I just didn't want to get off) and hopped off where there are friands and coffee. Then I went to a photo shop, where a sales clerk, talking to another customer, referred to me as 'that guy' - which lead the other customer to say 'so I should come back when he's finished?' I so hate being mistaken for a bloke! Even from the side/behind. Women wear cargo pants too! Most men don't have long-ish hair! Is it not enough I felt miserable but my stoop-y mood has totally removed any hint of my womanliness? I'm spewing.

So from there I went to the bottlo to prepare for our chat Christmas party and bought (I never buy UDLs... this may be a first) some bourbon and cola. Not too much mind, but enough that we got silly and, thanks to an imaginative and temporary change to her nick, J is now banned from the family-friendly server. The automatic reason given? 'Trouble.'

Ahh, so my day ended well.

Tomorrow I'm off to Office Works.

Ahhh, what a day!!

Geez, you so don't look like a guy! How strange!
It's like my 24 yo friend always getting asked for id, and recently something thinking she was 13, it is ridiculous. If I can be sexist for a moment, I think it's usually guys who are not good at these kind of things!

And cargo pants are cool! :D
You are definitely no guy - they don't make them as lovely as you!
Cancel your cards and start afresh with someone new.
Enjoy your friand - I had one in Hobart today just to think of you.
Guess who?
Hi Simone! Yeah, it was a guy and no, I don't look much like a guy, lol. I'd've thought my thin arms'd give it away alone! Never mind.

To My Secret Tasmanian Admirer, I hope you enjoyed your friand. Say Hi to Dad from me! Love, Dee
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