Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Win and Some Wickets 

My first blind cricket match today and we won! We batted first and I scored 11 runs before I hit the ball into the wicket. Another team mate's teenage son ran for me, which made it much, much easier. I didn't need to work out where the ball went and then where it went in relation to the fielders. If my runner thought he could make it (and he was fast), he did. We play single-ended, so there's no second batsperson to worry about. A few Kulin players had runners too, it wasn't just me!

I bowled a few overs towards the end of the game, and I took three wickets! Yes, I bowled out two under-13s. Two competent and competitive under 13s! Maybe the first and last time they'll ever be bowled out by a blind lady. Until next year. Another batsman left his crease to hit the ball and the wickie scooped it up and stumped him.

I have a terrible memory for what happens - I just play. I remember that one of our players made a few dives, and another of my team mates made a great catch (all the more exciting because I saw it.

I didn't see much of Kulin's fielding but they did have some big hitters. The ball doesn't usually travel too far, so my guess is that some of these guys are much better when they have a cricket ball and it's bowled to them overarm. Is it as surreal for them as it is for me? The smile on one guy's face suggested that maybe it is (I could be wrong).

How did I get to be here, doing this - like this - with these people? I wonder this all the time. You'd be surprised how often it makes me smile. I hope you have days like these.

Anyway, I'm really glad the other team came to play us in the city, and I'm really glad that my team mates are so encouraging. Next week: Cecil Bros watch out!

That's awesome Dee, well done. More runs than Glenn McGrath averages and the same number of wickets that Nathan Bracken took against the West Indies (sure they're probably better players than the U13s but then again, he gets paid and trains fulltime).
Thanks, Col. Everyone's impressed with your Glenn McGrath factoid! Did I mention the U13s were actually U13 in rugby, not cricket? But I bet they play cricket too!
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