Friday, December 08, 2006

All Ages Out and About 

I have so much stuff to catch up on... and I owe Dad a reply to his first ever e-mail to me too. I'm getting there! Stuff that's amused me over the last little while.

  • Walking out of the Cancer Council on Rokeby Rd as a bus pulled up to have Martin jump out of the back door calling 'Hey Dee!' Reminded me of uni days - kinda nice that middle-age doesn't prevent friends from jumping out of buses and yelling in the street.

  • Meeting a member of the BlindPeopleWork discussion list who has only lived in Australia for six months, and discovering that her sister - who also came for coffee - is my cousin's boyfriend's mum!

  • Getting out for a duck at cricket after taking three wickets (thanks to B taking two catches, and an LBW). Someone from the opposition said Never mind, honey. Lol.

  • Chatting to an elderly woman in an apricot outfit and a white crocheted hat between McIver and Perth on the McIver to Perth shuttle bus. S was returning from a retreat and told me she once climbed to the crow's nest on the STS Leeuwin and asked her guide for a kiss. At the train station she asked me for a goodbye hug too, so she's not shy.

  • Learning about a mysterious group called the Forum at the BCWA Christmas Party. No one in the Forum knows anyone else's surname and the group gets together for occasional adventures. The same person who told me about the Forum told me all about square dancing.

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