Sunday, December 17, 2006

Andiamo Alla Spiaggia 

Gill, Caelan and Caelan's Italian friend from school went to the Synergy (not Western Power anymore) Playground today. I tagged along so that I could take Gill up on an offer of a lift home. In cooler weather I might bail and catch a train or a bus but on a hot Perth Sunday... hey, why not?

Originally I popped over on Saturday night for a test-taste of chocolate pavlova with raspberries and cream. Mmm, mm. We accidentally talked until four in the morning and went into town today for some Christmas shopping. Surprisingly low stress - although I think that's because we didn't care (or didn't notice) that we bought a couple of books, ate muffins, and came home.

We asked Caelan's friend how to say 'let's go to the beach' in Italian - partly to give Caelan an idea that speaking Italian isn't the same as speaking English with an Italian accent, and partly because you never know when it might come in handy. If I'm ever in Italy and someone asks What now? I can say, Andiamo alla spiaggia!' Cool to listen to someone speaking Italian clearly and slowly enough that I could understand.

Then we bought takeaway and drove down to Cottesloe, where the wind came up, rubbish dotted the grassed terraces, and a few raindrops fell.

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