Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Cat Empire at Freo Arts Centre 

The Cat Empire played at the Fremantle Arts Centre last night and Gill, Martin, Caelan, Judith, Dylan and I went down to join in the fun.

We sat on the lawn beside the former women's asylum and I could see a bright half-moon above the building to our right. The sun went down behind the stage and I could imagine us on the hill, facing the port and watching over the world as it visits WA.

Local dub/reggae band The Sunshine Brothers started the show, soothing those of us who waited in line longer than we expected to enter the grounds. They played a version of AC/DC's 'TNT' that made me smile - fancy recognising familiar lyrics but not the music. They have a CD out called Rebel Yellow and will play at Beck's Verandah for the Perth Festival.

Of the six of us, I'm the only one not to own a CD by The Cat Empire and so the only one not to know their music (apart from 'Hello'). All I needed to know is that I could dance to it but I also liked that I could hear and enjoy each instrument. There was lots of trumpet, a little hip hop and even some scat (like Cab Calloway on the Blues Brothers during 'Minnie the Moocher'). I liked 'The Chariot' but maybe because I picked up on the anti-war vibe and I like the words 'timber and steel.' I'm so easy to please.

The Fremantle crowd ranged in age from young kids (including Caelan) to men about Dad's age. People kicked off their shoes and placed children on their shoulders. I left feeling relaxed and like I wouldn't mind doing it all again the next night.

The Cat Empire play at Xanadu near Margs Saturday night and then begin a world tour in late January - including Germany, so watch out Iris and Ingo!

Good stuff!

Happy new year Dee!


Heya Simone!

Happy New Year to you too! Hope you had a great time in Esperance and that Southbound and Busso see you off to a good start for 2007!
Hehe, Deanne :-)
We sure will!
Miss to be there, in Freo, now! It´s all still so fresh in my mind, on my skin!
Ack. The darn cold wind outside in exchange for your weather would be a great idea!

To Simone: Esperance... beautiful! Have a great, great time there! Means "hope" in french, btw, but as a dutch you know this, I guess :-)
Hi Iris,

I didn't actually know that (though do know a bit of french), but my mother-in-law did.
The town is named after the French ship L'Esperance that stopped there a long time ago. And I was wondering yesterday if the town nearby, Hopetoun, is also named after the same ship...

Oh, and btw, all of sudden it is cold and raining here! Only going to be about 21 tomorrow! ha ha, ok, still warm enough, and we really need the rain!!
I didn't know that Esperance meant 'hope' in French either. My sister and her family live down there and I visited in September for her wedding.

The rain, by the way, is lovely. The birds shrieked and squawked with pleasure during the first shower this afternoon. I thought their appreciation might be short lived but we're getting a decent fall!
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