Friday, December 22, 2006

Daypop's Almost Back 

Daypop, the current news and weblog search site is back. I like Daypop because it has a clean design, and also because of the 'blogs-on-a-stick' connotation.

A search for my new blog (GirlFriand) returns a link to here, where I only added a link to GirlFriand in the sidebar yesterday (-ish). However, when I tried to submit GirlFriand itself (which hasn't already been indexed that I can tell) I received an error message, so it doesn't look like it's accepting new site submissions or seeking out new blogs to cover just yet. The Daypop Weblog hasn't been updated recently, so maybe they're just easing on back slowly.

The Daypop Top 40 Links is current and lead me to read
Gawker > Bad Lingo: Blog Media Clichés. I know I use 'um' a bit - but not usually to be condescending (because I really hate that) and more often to show that I'm embarrassed to admit something. Either way, it's not actually a word so I should drop it. Or seeing as how I'm not actually blog media, I can do what I like.

[The Daypop news came via ResearchBuzz > Apparently DayPop is Back?]

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