Tuesday, December 19, 2006

For Those Who Think Love is Science Fiction 

The State Library of Victoria is oozing Text Appeal!

Love is in the air at the State Library of Victoria this summer.

Text Appeal is a new take on the traditional dating formula. Each person brings a book they love, loathe or have recently read to act as a conversation starter. Jane Austen may find Patrick O?Brien, Salman Rushdie could be captivated by Zadie Smith, and JK Rowling - can take her pick. The books people bring may reveal who they are, who they aren't and perhaps who they are looking for, all in a three-minute conversation.

Text Appeal will run once a month from December 2006 to February 2007, with the final event being held on Valentine?s Day.

Time 6 Dec 2006, 17 Jan & 14 Feb 2007; 7-9.30pm
Venue Experimedia
Bookings Registration is essential. Fill in the form below, tel 03 8664 7555 or email learning@slv.vic.gov.au
Cost $20 per session - drinks, entertainment and the promise of a bookish romance included (a three-for-the-price-of-two discount applies to group bookings

Ooh, if I lived a little closer I'd be there. Something fun for mid-February that doesn't involve getting a year older.

After reading about the events, I had a favourite song snippet from Crowded House's It's Only Natural in my head:

Read me like a book
That's fallen down between your knees
Please, let me have my way with you

But now I only have Chrissie Amphlett from the Divinyls singing 'Wah ooh, Wah ooh' like she does in 'Science Fiction.' At first I thought this concept might work well with favourite/most hated music as the conversation starter - but, yeah, ouch. Maybe not.

[Via Kathryn]

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