Friday, December 15, 2006

Germany, Gherkins and Meetup 

Iris and Ingo are visiting from Germany and so far I've asked lots of questions about life in Germany and tried to answer a few curly questions about Australia.

For example: Why do we have such high fences around our houses? Wow, I don't know, and having never travelled overseas, I'm flummoxed. Also: Why do English-speakers say 'either' two different ways, and the same with 'neither'? Unfortunately, this question led me to sing a bit of 'Let's Call The Whole Thing Off', which isn't a song I can sing. But what's Perth Weblogger Meetup without a little cultural exchange? I even handled some Euros - I was Euro-cool for all of a few minutes!

Here are Iris and Ingo (and a little bit of Simone!) at the Brass Monkey.

Iris in cool red spectacles on left and Ingo

I am also the lucky recipient of unexpected gifts. Ingo imports gherkins (there is only one big gherkin in this one big tin) from the former East Germany and they tell me I should eat it all in one go with no help from my friends. Iris presented me with the liquid malt extract as payback for Vegemite. I can add a teaspoon to milk or beer - although I'm not sure how willing I am to risk the taste of a can/stubbie of EB. I love that the gherkin tin says 'Get One!' on it in English and has a groovy picture of a gherkin.

A ceramic goose, tinned malt extract, gherkin tin

Sometimes I wonder why I blog but so far this is a great outcome.

In other meetup news, Simone has shifted her personal blog and now reveals The Not So Secret Life of Simone for all; PerthNorg had to change servers after a hack (after visiting Matt Didcoe's blog via AustralianBlogs today, I realised that hacking isn't as rare as I'd think); we now know that Web2Thing is called Scouta (sign up if you're as curious as me to know what Richard & Co are working on), and: JOOB is getting cuter. Skribe and Toxic Purity took pics at the meetup in which you can see JOOB's stand-out taste in apparel.

I'm sorry I didn't get to chat to everyone. Via Simone's meetup post I've discovered Hannee, who came along with her partner, and her blog, so I'll be making up for it soon!

Hehe :-) Thanks for this one, Deanne! Gotta get some recipes for the Mumme! I hope you liked the Gherkins (which we would call "Gurke").
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