Friday, December 22, 2006

Introducing GirlFriand 

Hey, so I have a new blog with her own domain name! GirlFriand is where I'll focus more on writing and wandering. If you don't know what a friand is, there's an explanation in my first post Pudding's Sweet / But Too Aloof (a line from a Chili Peppers song, If You Have To Ask).

I'm posting regularly but I still need to play more with the template and run accessibility checks. That's why I've not announced the new blog earlier and now suddenly it's Christmas - there are posts to read - and I'll feel bad if I leave it too long before some people to find out.

WordPress is easy to use, and it's such a relief not to have to enter the word verification letters every time I post. Usually when I start new Web projects I go mad checking that the code is standards-compliant and the pages are accessible. I think that's partly because I know I can get that right (eventually). I feel relaxed enough now that I can just have fun with the content. Yay!

Temporal Island will stay as it is, with less writing/wandering stories and perhaps more blogging/RP and disability/family and friends stuff. I think writing GirlFriand might have a shaping effect on Temporal Island but we'll see how that goes!

Hello there...
Thanks for taking my comment. I'm enjoying reading your blog. I found it via the web links page for the media.
I've previously done work helping community organisations understand the workings of a newsroom. You might be interested in my own blog.
Keep up the good work
Hi Newsroom Insider,

Thanks for dropping by - I don't think many people ever visit my media links but I hope you found something of interest! I can recommend PerthNorg if you're interested in citizen journalism and the development of new online media forms. Good luck with your new blog!
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