Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Jelly Cake, Two Jam Cakes 

And a lamington, but we like the jelly cakes and the jam cakes better.

Lamington, two little iced cakes, a coconut-covered jelly cake

Nanna calls the jam cakes 'little cheese cakes' - even though they don't have cheese in them - because that's what her Mum called them. They have a pastry base, then some jam, then regular cake (maybe a bit thicker) and then icing. They're yum! I'm posting a pic because, even though it's a bit mean this year, it's tradition to tease those who don't have a jam or jelly cake in their hand.(Look at me, I'm eating a jelly cake, ha ha ha.). Just because some family members are in Tasmania's no reason to break with tradition, especially if they started it.

I celebrated my first 21 Christmases in Busselton but this is the first in my hometown in a long while. I met six of my grandparents' neighbours (from four different households), went for a swim with my aunt down at the bottom of Gale St, smelt burning rubber at the beachfront one night, ate choccies with Nanna at Villa, drank port (and ate dinner) with my aunt's family - who made me feel very welcome, counted kangaroos in the paddock behind where my Nanna and Grandad used to live (forty of them - no cows!) and ate lunch with my brothers and grandparents.

We drove around and looked at the Chrissie lights too, although there were plenty to see in my grandparents' street. The three must-see displays (according to the local paper and talk) were at Lancaster Rd, left off the mill road (that's Queen Elizabeth Ave for those who aren't my family), Black Swan Drive (out near Breeden St, and where two houses joined in Christmas harmony, with music and a nativity) and at the end of a cul de sac off Peel Tce, east of the Butter Factory.

Everyone knew the name of the guy from this last display, so now I know where he lived in Busso before now, who he lives with, in which other south west town he grew up, and that he's an 'incredible carpet layer.'

So that was my Chrissie. One year I might even celebrate somewhere outside of the south west. But it's such a good spot for it.

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