Friday, December 08, 2006

Locked Out, Lip Gloss and Chocolate Ice Cream 

I locked myself out today - first time since I moved here in May. I figured it didn't matter so long as I could get to Gill's later and pick up my spares. I was so unstressed about it that I returned home between outings for a toasted ham sandwich and only then remembered I couldn't get in. D'oh.

For the first time in forever I caught a taxi by myself too. I asked the first driver in the queue at Wellington St if he was available. He said no, he was married.

Eye roll, please. At least three of my comments reminded him of songs - which he sang - including 'When I'm 64.' Then he suggested I apply for a taxi subsidy. I know, I know! But thanks.

Later at Vic Park train station I saw an elderly woman helping a young man work the ticket machine. Two dollar and fifty cent pieces kept slipping through. The woman called over a customer service guy, who got it to work first go. You guys always get it to work, said mystified guy. The customer service guy explained that it helps sometimes if you rub the coins together. I said Ahh, you do have the magic touch.* To which he replied, So why am I single?

I don't know why he's single. He looked like the kind of person who wouldn't be - a useful kind of person.

I, on the other hand, look like an arty eccentric according to one member of my writers group. A look she'd like to get happening for herself, and perhaps become a hermit to boot. I'm not sure if all of me looks arty eccentric or just my hair.

I confessed to the group that I'd locked myself out but it wasn't till later that the potential eccentric admitted that she'd left her wallet at home and had to scam a Multirider off the guy at the video shop.

Lucky for me, Gill and family invited me to stay for dinner, including Peters Natural Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert. We wandered down to the shops to buy cous cous (so not a very different dinner from most nights, only with better spices and chick peas) and stopped in at the chemist to look at hats and sunglasses. Instead I bought some SPF 30+ lip gloss.

The chemist was friendly and I think he liked the look of Gill, although he sold us a lot of stuff, so maybe he's just good at his job. From the supermarket we heard a teenager suddenly take off on his skateboard pulled along by his dog. You don't expect all this on Hampden Rd.

In fact, I don't expect most of what happens in my days but today I can't complain.

* I'm from the country, I talk to people. Or maybe I'm just chatty, you decide.

Hmmmmm nice customer service guy is always a good thing, but wouldn't an eccentric one be more interesting?
No, an eccentric one might not be so approachable (for customer service... I'm not actually interested in the customer service guy!). Maybe if he's approachable, useful and eccentric, that'd be cool. :-)
That would be a dream come true! I'm still still deciding what story should I run first!
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