Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Toes Painted 

I painted my toe nails tonight and quite a bit of the skin surrounding them too. Bugger it, nail painting is fun! I refuse to miss out. Got a few pre-Christmas jobs done too. Today I:

  • Made a spontaneous gift purchase at the GPO while paying to re-charge my pre-paid mobile. Gift may be appropriate for my youngest sister.

  • Bought Chrissie cards from Oxfam Community Aid Abroad.

  • Made another spontaneous gift purchase - this time a small prezzie for the sibling least likely to reciprocate and most likely to lose it (which isn't to say he won't appreciate the thought and hey, it's another Oxfam jobbie).

  • Realised that although my brothers and sisters and I don't exchange gifts, I should now probably keep an eye out for suitable small prezzies for those I'll see on Christmas Day. They're not big, really! Tiny, almost inconsequential.

Ah, I forgot to look!
And forgot to ask you what the plan is for the 'other blog', if you plan to keep both?

Link to my new blog address under my name...
Hi Marie!
Glad you are out an about Chrissy shopping. I on the other hand have done zilch. With two small children and one of those having already sent and now received a note back from Santa outlining potenital gifts this is NOT good!! I have been in Hobart the past two days updating my 1st aid certificate. I feel really tired however I did learn that only the female red back spiders are red and that the male is really,really small and insignificant - but not so insignificant in that he has enough protein in him for the female to want to devour him after sex. This was all on top of listening and taking in the new method of CPR and DRABC'D of course!
Hobart was really busy and Rori was not interested in doing what I had to do in a short space of time!!
Mum is coming up tomorrow to watch the kids while Macka and I go to a new restaraunt opening. Sounds exciting,. I even have a new green dress to wear - even better!!
Will ring and have a chat soon.
Take Care, we had neopolitan icecream tonight - Yummo!
Love ya x
Hi Simone! There's no way I'd let anyone look, I was wearing Blundstone boots! I think you've worked out as much of the plan as I've worked out myself and I'll announce it here soon - thanks for asking!

Heya Megs,

I remember learning about the female redback at school, and Mum and Dad showing us the ones settled into the grooves of the asbestos fence at Abbey. Unfortunately, I can never remember quite how CPR works - Push Push Push, Breath? Okay, it's coming back kinda. :-) I think I get ballsed up right from 'Look for Danger' and I'm overdue for a refresher.

I hope you have a fab time out in your new green dress! Say Hi to Macka, Cal, Rori and Mum and Dad for me!

Love and Angry Red Stripes,
Dee Marie
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