Saturday, December 16, 2006

Twinkling and Skittering 

Glorious weather yesterday, travelling down Stirling Highway I felt all relaxed and open. Later in the day I caught a train to Freo to do some shopping and bought a felafel at the markets. The felafel came with basil. Mmm mm, I love summer. At home I set up my small and wiry Christmas tree, which looks wonky when it isn't lit up but oh, wow, who can resist electric colours in the dark? I felt like camping out beside it.

Yes, ridiculous - especially if you consider that a) it's only a couple of metres from my bed, b) at $20, it's probably not one to leave twinkling while I sleep, and c) the changing lights are very similar to the flashes I sometimes see when I close my eyes (and sometimes when I don't).

After that I took out my new yellow thongs (which should match my yellow tankini - I'm so sunny! Not at all like an untanned banana!) and snipped the plastic tie that joined them together. I stood there imagining all the good times we'll have if I go to the beach. Then, over the noise of Sports Tonight, I heard a skittering sound.

Aha, a cockroach. I thought You don't christen your new thongs (Aussie Soles - made in China and in American sizes, 'Relax Ya Feet') by squashing a cockroach! Where are my boots? Then I saw it and slapped it with the right thong. And again.

Then it disappeared.

So I turned my Chrissie tree off and went to bed.

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