Sunday, January 21, 2007

Apricots and Wine 

I feel like a school kid who's missed a few days and doesn't know if everything will be different when she gets back. Will I still have any blog friends? Maybe I've missed something? A good reason not to wag.*

Good reasons to wag:

  • Heading South at Luna with Judith and Juliette

  • Coffee at the Boatshed Cafe on the South Perth foreshore with Gill, Caelan and Judith

  • Dinner at Maharaja in Nedlands with L & R, visiting from Melbourne

  • Pole dancing at shemoves

  • Perth Weblogger Meetup - where I caught up with Richard (now testing and revealing a little more about Scouta), Bronwen (from Perth's news organisation for citizen journalists, PerthNorg), TP, Skribe and JOOB, and blogger meetup first-timer Ben (and his whizzbang camera!). Ooh, I've just noticed that Ben's business card (hey, if writers exchange them at libraries, bloggers/photographers can do it at pubs) reads 'the quest for the unseen' - sounds like a quest I'm on pretty much all the time.

  • Work

  • The beach (can't list reasons to wag without including the beach, right?

And today? I cleaned out my fridge. Threw heaps of stuff out, ate squashy apricots, and drank small amount of what was left in a bottle of white wine. I hope I'm back blogging more regularly soon!

If you're not Australian, it might be helpful to know that to wag is to play truant!

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