Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Chair, Oh Yeah 

I have double-sided tape now, for my smoke detector, not to stop my boobs from falling out of anything I might be wearing. I paid six dollars something for 4.5 metres of it. What will I do with the other 4.3 metres? I'm going to store it away and feel very practical if ever someone's here and asks if I have double-sided tape.

While I was in Bunnings (here we go) I noticed camping chairs priced at eight dollars something each. I need a chair to sit in while we bat at cricket, instead of sitting on concrete slabs, dirt, leaves, grass or someone else's camping chair. I checked the sign about three times to make sure it really said eight dollars something - I can easily miss a digit here or there - how can a chair cost a couple of dollars more than tape?

Can't quite believe I have a camping chair. A camping chair says 'sedentary' and 'settled' - even 'self-satisfied' - to me. I hope I don't find myself crouching amongst the leaves too much anymore but I hope I don't stay sitting still for too long either.

I think the obvious thing to do with regard to the tape is to buy lots of clothes where your boobs fall out and then use the tape so they don't =).
Lol. I knew there'd be a way to get a better return on my six dollar investment. :-)
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