Thursday, January 04, 2007

Feel This Wire 

I'm not sure how embarrassed I should feel about not being able to fit my own smoke detector. Do I give up too easily? I thought I might activate the alarm and not be able to find the place to switch it off.

The written instructions focussed mainly on safety and correct positioning whereas the information on where to find everything was diagrammatic. Reading diagrams feels a bit like having someone wave them in front of me and snatch them away again. Too much of this and I start to get tired and mistrustful.

I called upon my friends and they came to my rescue. There's no pretence at being able to see what I can't anymore. Martin goes 'see that?' and I say 'No, not really' and then he gives me verbal directions so that I can find my way around my own smoke detector/fuse box/circuit breaker. That way, he doesn't have to come back!

I now know what the back of the ceramic fuse is like, that the 8 amp fuse wire is thinner than the 15 amp. I know that there's a depression about the size of the end of my broom handle in the smoke detector, which I can push to set the test button off, and another depression with more openings where the sound is emitted, and that I can push to turn the alarm off. From this distance (me sitting on my office chair, the detector on the ceiling above) I can see these places okay.

So now I'm set. I feel like inviting people round - Yeah, come round, I have a smoke detector now.

Is it really two and a half years since I was made aware of the fire extinguisher under my desk?

J pointed out the external fire extinguishers today too.

Good the thing is going now! I didn´t activate mine again yet. I saw my stone-old neighbour sitting by candle-light in her kitchen now. Freaks me out!!!

But a friend said, some kids in the house could light a fire as well, so stop minding!

Let´s all hope no fire breaks loose in any places!
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