Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gardens, Music and Melburnians in Perth 

View over rail to shrubs, dark branch and water

I arrived earlier in West Perth on Tuesday than I expected (yay for an A train at Claremont) so I went for a walk in Harold Boas Gardens on Wellington St.

On Sunday I went to Hyde Park with Judith and Dylan to hear the Chameleon Brass Band (who are at myspace now). I think I like it best when the band plays and marches at the same time. Thanks to Simone - at EnjoyPerth - for tipping me off! The Town of Vincent have more events planned for their Summer Concert Series, and the next one at East Perth, on 21 January, will include screenings of films set locally.

On Monday I met other Melbourne friends at the Hyatt Regency. I've never wandered in here before and circled the building so that I entered through the back entrance, walked around the bar (complete with grand piano) and surprised myself when I exited the main entrance and a concierge asked if I'd like a taxi. Then we went to Saowanee's Place for dinner. I've saved one of my two complimentary tamarind-flavoured sweets because I liked the first one - like a round lemon drop, and with a soft, tamarind-flavoured centre.

What did I do Saturday? Can't remember. But I know I went to work on Tuesday and today, which is great, and I know I have to get to bed so I don't conk out tomorrow!

Hope you're having a good one.

No worries :)

Nearly went myself after I got back from Busselton (which was great, and I even swam with little stingers without getting stung!!), but it was 6.30 by the time we were ready to leave the house (half an hour drive), so we didn't end up going.
I reccommend going to see Double Entendre when they play (feb 4 I think), they describe themselves as 'gypsy rock', it's very funky.
So you got the job! That´s great, congrats! :-)
Hi Simone, Thanks for the tip about Double Entendre, I'll keep an eye out for more info (maybe even take a look at the Enjoy Perth feed when I have time and look there!). Really glad to hear you had a good time in Busso. I didn't get stung when I went swimming down there either, but I didn't see any stingers at all (lol, not surprising, but I don't remember my aunt mentioning them!).

Hi Iris!

Thanks! I didn't get the job for which I was interviewed the day I missed you guys but I'm lucky to have scored a better job - on trial - which I'm so far really enjoying!

Hope you're having a good one - I hope to catch up on your blog as soon as I can!
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