Sunday, January 28, 2007

Such A Little Splash 

Kinda warm here in Perth, and from a mostly cloudless sky came a few drops of rain as I stood at the lights near Cottesloe Central to cross. How can the sun bite and the air bake and drops of water fall from nowhere?

Yesterday I went into the city to check out the Biruk festival, where I ate pancakes, and then I headed to Gill's place. Gill, Martin, Caelan, Gill's Dad and I drove to Park St, off Mounts Bay Rd, and walked along the Crawley foreshore to watch the Skyshow. Caelan carried a flag and I listened to Australian hits drift from the boats close to shore. I've heard them so often I feel nothing. Sounds of Then - and Then Again and Again.

The show started a little before we reached our spot on the city side of the Narrows. We breathed in particles carried by the strong Easterly. A fire caught on two of the fireworks barges and I could see the black cloud against the light-polluted sky. The show finished as scheduled but the fireworks continued - like a little fireworks display just for the one from Augusta who finds the bigger the explosion the less whelmed she is.

You call that a fireworks display?

Yeah, we're on fire!

Cyclists rang bells, people called out 'Aussie Aussie Aussie', and a siren sounded when an ambulance passed us as we walked home.

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