Monday, January 22, 2007

What's That? A Dinosaur? 

Yesterday, as well as cleaning out my fridge, I swept up the sand and leaves on the slabs out the front of my flat. I took out a grey plastic shopping bag to contain them but needed to use a bigger bag because there was an awful lot of leaves and sand and twigs. I shoved the grey plastic bag in my back pocket, and later when I changed to go to the beach, I took it out and left it somewhere.

Cut to dinnertime, post-beach, and I'm in my bathroom. There's something sitting on the chest-high chest of drawers in there, near my shampoo and toothbrushes. It's grey - and maybe furry - like a big pile of lint taken from the filter of a clothes dryer.

Gawdie. What is it? Grey undies? I don't have any grey undies. Is that a loop? A twist of lace? Maybe they're some other colour undies and I just can't tell in this light.

I move in closer, but not too close. What if it's alive?! Or mould-y.

Maybe it's a dinosaur, left here by Caelan this arvo? If it is a dinosaur, that'd be good. Maybe I should ring Gill? And say there's something in my bathroom and I don't know what it is.

No, there has to be an explanation and I hope it's not that it's a rodent. I flick water at it. No movement, that's a good sign.

I move in and out and around and freak out and calm down and wonder if I should take a photo because it is kinda trippy...

Then I'm walking to grab something from the kitchen with which to prod it, and when I come back in I realise it's the grey plastic bag from my pocket and I - tentatively - pick it up and then scrunch it.


And I hope you don't think I shouldn't be out on the streets. If I was totally blind I'd've found it with my hands, and if I was fully sighted I would have gone, oh, there's that plastic bag and picked it up and put it away. But instead I've had this whole other perspective on a plastic bag on a Sunday afternoon.

I have no time for telly.

Gross!!! :-)))
Deanne, you are brave :-) I guess I would have called for help. But then... help for removing a plastic bag... ;-)
That is totally something I'd do! (ok, if I had bad eye sight!). I'm always about to do something and then forget what I
Um, that just totally proved my point, and I didn't even do it on purpose!!! I got distracted while posting a comment, came back, thought I'd finished it (didn't look obviously) and posted it! Oh dear.....!!
As I was saying, I always forget what I was doing, or forget what I was about to say. Ok, slightly different situation to what you described, but still, argh, I'm so forgetful, what am I going to be like when I'm older!!!
LOL, so it's weird all round and totally normal. I forget stuff all the time, Simone, so I can relate to leaving a half-comment too!
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