Thursday, February 01, 2007

80/20 and Out 

My friend J's started sharing her knowedge of organisational skills. I can organise to sleep eight hours, eat (v. important - not just any food will do!), and to keep in touch with friends (actually, just very close friends) and family. That's about it, although I haven't gone to work naked at midnight yet, so I guess I'm good there too. Okay, and exercise and blogging are a priority. I do what I most need to do to stay sane.

When I think back to uni, I don't remember anyone teaching us how to manage our time. Either you managed to hand in assignments or you didn't come back next semester. I came back each semester but I lead a very simple life!

So J, who studied organisational management at uni, is filling me in. She's asked me to decide on which 20% of my work (the most important) should I spend 80% of my time. The 80/20 Rule.

Most of my readers probably already know this stuff but I'm still learning. Late but not never. I'd tell you more but I need to go to bed!

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