Monday, February 19, 2007

In A Week When L Lost His Pants 

I celebrated my 35th birthday, my boss said I have the job, and Gill and I went to the Funk Club - which is very relaxed and funky indeed - at the Leederville. J and Gill and I tried to ignore the rainbow lorikeets screeching as we ate dinner at Tropicana and watched the sun set over Cottesloe beach on Friday. Later we sat outside La Barchetta for dessert and listened to the goings on at the OBH. Our writers group met at the Albion for drinks on Thursday. Shan sent me some fruit lollies. Boot rang me at work to wish me a happy birthday. Shan texted, Erin called from a phone box. And the school librarian at Caelan's school died. A man who lent books and tended chooks. Prizewinning chooks, from the schoolyard to the Royal Show.

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Happy Birthday! 35 - no way!
And congrats on the job!

If you liked the funk club in Ldrvlle on Fri, you should try it in Fremantle (Swan Basement, north freo) on Saturday night sometime too.
Happy Birthday and congrats on the job, too! :-)
Thanks Simone, thanks Iris!

Lol, Fremantle gets to keep its vowels but Ldrvlle's text city. I'm looking forward to going again one way/place or another. :-)
yeah, I'm so random sometimes... it took me longer to figure out which letters to leave out than if I had just typed the whole word... And now I'm wasting time. And, when I text I use whole words... lol!
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